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Tweaking Articles

Tweak Windows 9x/ME Boot Speed - 7/02/2001
GeForce DVD Tweak Guide - 8/11/2000

Download Tweaking Files

CableNut 4.02 - Cablenut is a great little program that tweaks your Broadband connection whether it be Cable, Dsl, T1, 56K modem or whatever else you're on.

CoolBits Nvidia Overclocking Tab - This file is the well known "coolbits" registry hack for unleashing the overclocking tab using Nvidia reference drivers.

DVD Genie 4.02a - DVD Genie gives you the ability to modify the region code for many popular software-based DVD players. Among supported players are: WinDVD, PowerDVD and Software Cinemaster.

Easy Cleaner (seems to be down at the moment) - Possibly one of the best automated registry cleaners available.

MemTurbo 2.1 - MemTurbo is a program that increases available RAM on your system. It also defragments your physical RAM, making your CPU and motherboard more efficient without modifying your virtual memory.

NVidia Windows 2000/XP Refresh Rate Fix - Provides fix for the default 60Hz refresh rate under Windows XP and Windows 2000 with NVidia display adapters. You only need to run this program once after you have installed (or reinstalled) your display adapter drivers. No other procedures are necessary. Last Updated: 10/19/2001

PC Accelerator - Another excellent tweaking program from the makers of SmartOS. This programs helps to fine tune your hardware along with your operating system.

SmartOS - SmartOS is an advanced operating system shell for Windows 95/98/ME. Highly recommended for the EXTREME tweaker. Read our review of this program to find out more.

Tweak UI - A really useful program for tweaking Windows.

WCPUID 3.0d - WCPUID is a great program that displays your computer's CPU and motherboard information. It shows Frequency, Multiplier, Chipset Info. etc WCPUID can measure any clock speed up to 2 decimal points.

*If any links are inactive, or newer versions of the files are available please let us know*

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