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Enhance your site with reprints from Speedy 3D.


Speedy 3D can help enhance your publications or website while reducing your editorial personnel costs.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our licensing programs, please send the following information to:

Specify the URL or description of the content or the features that you would like to use;

A description of your print or web publication;

A description of the proposed use of our content in your publication

For further information about licensing Speedy 3D content, please contact .


For electronic reprints, please contact:


This page outlines the requirements for using copyrighted material from the Speedy 3D. The sections below fully explain the following specific uses: using screen shots, and obtaining electronic reprints.

Linking to Speedy 3D
You do not need to request permission to create a text link from your Web site to Speedy 3D. In fact we encourage it and will do the same for you if requested.

Using Screen Shots
You may use screen shots of Speedy 3D. Please .

Screen shots must appear without any alteration to the copy or graphical images. When using a screen shot, you must include the URL of Speedy 3D and give credit to us as follows:

Reprinted with permission from http://www.speedy3d.com.
© Copyright (year of creation) Speedy 3D, Company. All rights reserved.

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