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Ever curious as to how our reviews rating system worked?

We often get e-mails as to why we rate products how we do, and what exactly it all means. Also, many of you may wonder why we rate games and hardware using different scales. Well the simple answer is because both hardware and games are two different things and cannot be judged similarly!

Hardware Rating System

Price: Based on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being in overcharge of extreme quantities, and 10 being a steal. Often times a good piece of hardware can be brought down by an extremely over the edge price. We rate based on its total worth as a product, then mark it according the manufacturers set price.

Performance: In this category we rate the total usefulness, quality, ease of use, and performance of the product. Our scale again goes from a lowly piece of crap 1, to the elusive and difficult to obtain perfect 10.

Overall: Unlike what some may believe this is NOT an average of both price and performance. More so this is the score you should use while comparing the product to others. Scale again goes from 1-10. A perfect 10 receives our coveted editor's choice award.

Game Rating System

Graphics: Based on a scale of 1-10 we rate based on how good the game looks. 1 being so ugly we can't even look at it and 10 being better looking than life itself.

Sound: In this category we rate the game based its use of 3d sound. We also check to make sure that the game has a good musical score before awarding a high rating. Scale again goes from a measly 1 to a high and mighty 10.

Gameplay: This is by far the easiest category to rate. Quite simply did we have fun while playing the game, and was a worthwhile experience? Rating is on a scale of 1-10.

Originality: How unique is the game? Has the idea been done before, and if so to what degree? Here the score is based upon how unique the game is in today's market. The scale again goes from 1-10.

Overall: Again, this is not an average of all the other scores, it is more of the reviewer's final take on the game. Scale goes from a piece of poop 1 to a great must buy game at 10.


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