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"The operating system shell is undoubtedly an important structure of an operating system."

The operating system shell is undoubtedly an important structure of an operating system. Defined as, "A software interface between the user and the computer's operating system. The shell interprets commands entered by the user, and passes them on to the operating system". Because the operating system shell interfaces with the operating system directly, how well your shell runs effects everything you do. The Windows 9X shell has much to desire from its final output. While it has improved slightly from 95 to ME, many users still find it slow, buggy, and unstable. SmartOS by Smartalec Corp, provides a powerful alternative to the default Windows Shell, "explorer". Designed to have more stability, speed, while remaining compact, SmartOS appeals to the technologically knowledgeable user.


SmartOS is designed to run faster, and more stable than explorer. This is accomplished by having the actual size of SmartOS much smaller than explorer, thus taking up fewer resources. Smartalec also developed a featured dubbed "Smart Engine". Smart Engine is an adjustable resource allocation tool. Allowing you to decide the amount of resources needed per task on your computer. Also included in SmartOS, is a built in memory-freeing tool. While there are many products that free memory, often it's a hassle to have them running all the time, or opening the program up time and time again. Crash protection, Internet optimization, and skin-ability top off the features to this product.


Most of the installation is automated. Equipped with install shield, you point to a directory and install. From their you need to choose what version of the shell you want to run at startup, and modify the shell line in your system.ini file. While there are instructions on how to do this step, it might be confusing for novice users.

There are three shells to choose from, SmartOS, GameOS, or a slaunch, a shell option menu. Slaunch is a incredibly useful feature, allowing you to chose which shell you want to boot to right after you log in (even explorer if desired).

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