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Tweak Windows 9x/ME Boot Speed

"...there are a few simple little tweaks that can boost boot up time..."

One of the main problems with windows is that overtime what once was a quick booting, fast running computer can gradually seem to boot slower, and running with a lot more disk activity than it used to. Thankfully there are a few simple little tweaks that can boost boot up time of not only an older computer, but your shinny new one as well. I'll try and stick to some of the more simple tweaks, leaving only a few "more advanced" ones to be discussed in this article.


The first step to boosting your computer's boot speed would be to make sure you have properly optimized your mainboard's BIOS. In doing that you'll want to make sure you have the most recent BIOS release for your mainboard. Often times a manufacturer will release updated BIOS either to correct compatibility problems, or further optimize your mainboard.


Almost all mainboard manufacturers will have the latest BIOS available on their site for download. BIOS flashing as it is called is not a very difficult thing to accomplish. First you'll want to make sure you have the correct version specifically for your mainboard. Unfortunately it is impossible to flash your BIOS from within Windows so you will need to extract the BIOS onto a floppy disk and boot into DOS mode. If you're running Windows ME you will need to use your emergency boot disk to boot into a real DOS mode. At this time you should run the flash loader and apply your BIOS, if you need more help with this you should consult the instructions for exactly what you will need to do as most mainboards are slightly different.

Once you have successfully flashed your BIOS you will need to go into the BIOS setup. This can usually be accomplished by pressing delete, if not you should watch your boot up screen for which key to hold down to enter the BIOS.

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