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"Will TreadMarks support any next Generation graphics cardís features? Like larger texture maps?."

KP: What engine did you build Tread Marks on?

SM: My own proprietary 3D engine, using OpenGL for hardware interface.

KP: If you developed your own, how long was it in development and will any other company be using it?

SM: Itís been in development as long as Tread Marks has, and we donít have any plans to license it at the moment.

KP: How many tanks will be in the final game?

SM: Hopefully at least 10 different models.

KP: How many courses will be in the final game?

SM: Probably at least 20.

KP: Will their be any special tracks or tanks in the final game?

SM: Weíre planning to have a special class of tanks that will have a very futuristic look. There should be a few rather special courses, too.

KP: What will the weapons be in the final game?

SM: Lots of fun stuff, like swarmer missiles, land mines, flame throwers, plasma guns, lasers, mortars, cruise missiles, etc.

KP: Will an official ďdemoĒ ever be released?

SM: Of course! As soon as the game is ready to go.

KP: Will TreadMarks feature support for KNI or 3D NOW?

SM: Yes, through optimized OpenGL drivers.

KP: Will TreadMarks support any next generation graphics cardís features? Like larger texture maps?

SM: Yes, it has full support for 512x512 and 32-bit color textures.

KP: Will the final version come with a level editor or a tank editor?

SM: The game will be highly configurable (even the test version is, if you dig around), so it will be possible for users to make a lot of modifications. A level editor will probably be released once the game is out, too.

KP: When do you expect the game to be released?

SM: Some time this year. Hopefully not too long now.

by Kevin Perko

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