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Seumas McNally on treadmarks

"This is the first part of a 2 part interview with Seumas McNally."

Seumas is the lead programmer for an upcoming tank racing/deathmatch game called “TreadMarks”. Many sites have raved about the “test” that was released. This makes us think that this game will be very special. I personally thought the test could be used as the first level of the actual game. I experienced no graphical problems and it’s not buggy like most other tests are. This is part 1 covering single player and other questions: Part 2 will focus solely on multi-player, on to the interview:

Kevin Perko: As the lead programmer for the game Tread Marks how much say do you get in the game?

Seumas McNally: I’m programmer and designer, so I basically make all the final design decisions, with input from the other members of the team.

KP: How many hrs. a week do you work?

SM: It’s hard to quantify, and it depends on what you call “work”. Probably 60 to 80 hours a week if you count everything I do for the company.

KP: Do you get a lot of slack and pressure for being the lead Programmer?

SM: I’m not sure what you mean, but as President as well I’m often the one cracking the whip.

KP: How long have you worked at Longbow Digital Art?

SM: Since we started it, back in 1997.

KP: Is this your first game? If not what are the other games that you have developed?

SM: It’s my first major 3D game. I wrote the shareware games Tiger’s Bane and DX-Ball 2 before Tread Marks.

KP: How long has TreadMarks been in development?

SM: As a 3D off-road tank racing game, close to a year now.

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