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VIce Xtreme Coolers

"Millisec.com offers 3 models in the VIce product line."

I can still remember the first time I saw a fan on a video card. At that time, only the CPU needed one, and video card Overclocking was unheard of. Today, any descent video card comes at least with a good heatsink, and fans are becoming more and more popular. If you're thinking of overclocking your video card, you'll most likely need a better cooling device than the one supplied with it. This is where the VIce line of product, exclusive from Millisec.com, comes into play.

Millisec.com offers 3 models in the VIce product line. Included are the VIce I, VIce I Xtreme and finally the biggest and badest of all, the VIce II extreme. All three models can be upgraded with a copper plate for better heat transfer. They all use the same heatsink witch is pretty big, 46x46x9mm. What changes from a model to the next is the fan type used.

Fan specifications

Unit model: VIce I VIce I Xtreme VIce II Xtreme
Fan brand: Sunon Delta Motor One
Size: 50x10 50x20 50x20
Air flow: 9.4 cfm 16 cfm 21 cfm
Power: 12v .06a .7w ----- 12v .18a 2.16w
RPM: 4700 ----- 5800
Noise: 28 db 36 db *29 db
Connector: 3 pin 3 pin 3 pin

*Officially, but I'm sure it's more than that.

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