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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

"The Total Annihilation games have always had a good reputation, this one might be an exception."

A long, long, long, time ago there was a ruler named Garikias which ruled all of Darien. Garikias decided to give monarchs to each part of Darien. These monarchs were his own children. One he gave the land or Taros. Taros was a land of the undead and fire. To the second he gave Veruna, land of water. Another he gave Zhon, a place of monsters, and hunters. And to the last he gave Aramon, land of humans. The four leaders each had powers which, if used right would make their land prosper and happy, but if used wrong it could cause the end of Darien. Then suddenly Garikias disappears without a trace. When that happened, as a villager called it, all hell broken loose. That is were your journey begins. As you make your way through the story you play as the four races, Taros, Veruna, Zhon and Aramos.

The Total Annihilation games have always had a good reputation, this one might be an exception. The original Total Annihilation was a huge success. Cave dog kept the game alive with regular updates, expansion packs, and even a new unit every week. This game was more evolutionary in the real time strategy genre, then a revolutionary. Now, with the release of cave dog's next installment in the Total Annihilation series, TA: Kingdoms, we all hope it can live up to it's great expectations. Can it? Let's find out.

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