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Sunon 80 mm BB Case fan

"Case Cooling has become a big thing..."

Today I will be reviewing The Card Cooler’s Sunon 80mm BB Case Fan. FYI, this cooler plugs in via a 4-pin hard drive connector. Case Cooling has become a big thing as more and more people are overclocking, and worrying about their components overheating. In fact, even if you’re not overclocking, you should probably still consider getting an extra case fan. I decided to not do a big introduction for this one, as I will talk about Cooling in a future article.

Fan Size: (mm) 80x80x25
Rated Voltage: (V) 12
Rated Current: (AMP) .12
Input Power: (WATTS) 1.4
Rated Speed: (RPM) 2500
Air Volume: 30 CFM
Noise Level: (dba) 28.5
Fan Safety: UL/CE/CSA
Bearing System: Dual Ball Bearing
Connector: 4 pin

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