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"This cooler boasts a fairly average airflow for a case cooler, 30 CFM."

This cooler boasts a fairly average airflow for a case cooler, 30 CFM. This is not average for the higher end models, but rather the case coolers that can be purchased at the same price as this one. The specs are nothing special, just average, but numbers donít mean everything. This case cooler, as with all, are only as effective as you make them. If you use this to increase airflow out of the case, or in a useful area a decrease in temperature will be seen. On the other hand, you just canít place this cooler anywhere and expect it to be effective. Expect a guide on effective cooling soon, so you donít have to guess where to put this thing.

When this cooler is used effectively you can see a realistic drop in overall case temperature of 4 to 9ļ F. That is a quite good temperature, but as always, I wanted a better product. Actually, to have something new and innovative would have been nice, but itís been a while since Iíve seen a cooling product that is. The 30 CFM airflow should be powerful enough for all users, except the extreme overclocker. I mean, not everyone needs airflow of 100 CFM, because that cooler would be pushing some serious air. The RPM (2500) is actually of a little below what I was expecting, I was thinking 3000 would be good. This does affect overall cooling ability and CFM, which are quite important. Another about this dual ball-bearing cooler is that it doesnít take up much power and will connect via a 4-pin hdd connector.

Now the good Ďole ratings. For Price this cooler is getting a 9.4. A very competitive price of $8, but a little lower and this would have been a great deal. I mean even at $7 it would be the cheapest cooler available, which would make up for most of its average specs, making it an above average cooler for its price. For performance Iím giving this cooler an 8.7. While not the most powerful case cooler on the market, it wasnít too shabby either. What would have made this a great cooler were 50CFM airflow and a 4000-RPM, and yes I would have been willing to pay more for a cooler with those features. Overall this Sunon Case Cooler from The Card Cooler is getting an 8.9. We are looking at an average case cooler with an exceptional price. But, if you need something quite powerful, Iíd recommend looking else where for a case cooler. Should be enough for 90% of the people interested in it, though?

by Kevin Perko

Price - 9.4 Performance - 8.7 Overall - 8.9

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