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Soldier Of Fortune

"Imagine for a moment that you've just been dropped off by a helicopter in a wintry wilderness..."

Imagine for a moment that you've just been dropped off by a helicopter in a wintry wilderness, the cold is deadly harsh and the gusts of wind make you shudder deeper and deeper into your clothing. You've been given an objective, to infiltrate and recover a nuclear warhead from a well-protected Russian base deep in the coldest parts of the world imaginable. After briefly surveying the icy trail ahead through your night vision, you build up enough strength to move.

Through the crumbling snow pack under your feet and icy rock faces you travel, every step makes a sound and every gust of wind penetrates further into your clothing. Suddenly you hear voices, as you slowly scramble up to the edge of a snow packed hill and peer down, you begin to see a small group of hostiles. Two in guard towers and three on the ground; you're already low on ammo and one shot kills, so a frontal assault isn't likely to succeed.

You realise there is enough ammo left in your sniper for two shots, without a second thought you pull its weight against your shoulder and take aim. Waiting for a few moments until the guards are facing opposite directions, then a sudden thud followed quickly by another and the guard towers are no more. You quickly switch to your silenced machine gun and dash down the hill before diving deeply into the snow at the bottom, there's only moments left before the guard tower bodies are discovered, you have to act!

Within moments you're up, shooting, ducking, rolling and then shooting again, in less than 5 seconds all three hostiles have been taken out with almost complete quite. Yet your alone, stranded in a hostile and unforgiving world almost un-identical to your own and without backup. You're a mercenary, a soldier of fortune.

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