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"SmartOS provides many key elements that explorer lacked, stability and speed foremost."

Because there is some danger of creating windows problems when modifying the system.ini, an important remedy file is packaged with the program. In the even of a Windows failure, the remedy file gives detailed instructions on how to return your system back to normal.

SmartOS Usability

The SmartOS version of the shell is intended for regular use. Weather it's gaming, talking online, or typing a paper, SmartOS is equipped for all of it. While there are no desktop icons, it's easy to navigate through your programs via the folder browser. Equipped with shortcuts to your Programs Folder, and Desktop, I found no trouble in navigation and running programs.

Due to the amount of desktop space SmartOS takes up, the ability to collapse the menu into a small bar comes in handy. The bar ends up being smaller than the windows Start bar, leaving the rest of the desktop to regular computing tasks. Program loading times are shorter, there are no mysterious slowdowns as the system is running longer, and stability problems are worries of yesterday.

Equipped with an interface customization menu, you can easily change the colors, and skins. The package comes with a handful of assorted skins, but if you don't find one that suits you it is more than easy to create your own with any paint program. Try downloading the Speedy3D Skin.

SmartOS provides many key elements that explorer lacked, stability and speed foremost. The only area explorer excels in, is easy of use. While SmartOS is not hard to use, explorer is better organized and easier to operate.

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