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Slipstream Enhancement for V3

"Very rarely do we ever come across a truly unique, yet absolutely awesome product."

Very rarely do we ever come across a truly unique, yet absolutely awesome product. The slipstream drive enhancement pack from Overclk.com is one of those things. Overclk.com is a small company operated by gamers, for gamers. They create the incredible slipstream enhancement drive for the voodoo3. They are also planning on including TNT's TNT2's and G400's plus many more into their line up soon.

The slipstream enhancement pack is a simple device designed to cool your graphics card much better then any other fan/heatsink combo currently on the market. Instead of just making a good fan/heatsink, they also send along custom drivers for whatever video card you own, in this case the Voodoo3 3000. The drivers make overclocking the cards much easier.

Here is a list of items that come in the package:

- Detailed installation instructions with high quality color photos showing you the process.
- A razorblade
- A cd-r containing all the driver and overclocking enhancements for the V3 and Quake 2
- A pipette (like a mini turkey baster)
- A piece of Thermal tape
- And of course the powerful fan/heatsink combo
- A copy of Winbench 99

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