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"The Rio's many included playback options give you everything you could have ever wanted."

Also included with the Rio 500 are 1 AA battery, a carrying case, headphones, and other assorted goodies such as software and coupons.

Analyze this

Loaded with 64MB of built-in flash memory, and upgradeable to 96MB through the open expansion slot, the Rio is no slouch when it comes to memory. With the included memory alone you can listen to over an hour and a half worth of MP3s encoded at 128kbps (near CD-quality). Using the optional 16MB or 32MB SmartMedia expansion cards you can up your listening time an additional 20-40 minutes (give or take a few). In the near future Diamond should also be releasing a 64MB flash card, bringing the total possible memory up to a massive 128MB.

The Rio's many included playback options give you everything you could have ever wanted. The Rio stores all its MP3s in 'folders' in which you designate through the included software. This feature was especially cool, letting me organize my MP3s by type. All folders can be played using repeat and random order functions, or you can choose to play just single tracks or folders in any order. The Rio also includes EQ customization for bass and treble as well as four presets (classic, jazz, rock, normal). All these options are set using the ultra-cool thumb-num wheel, which doubles as a volume control.

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