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PC Mods Baybus

"Everybody should have a Baybus."

Everybody should have a Baybus. These wonderful pieces of technology are finally becoming mainstream enough where this is a possibility. A Baybus is a simple little device that allows you to manually control your case's fans, and other components. For years we hardcore computer users have been making their own alliteration of the Baybus as no store ever dared sell these units in pre-made configurations that we see before us today.

PC Mod has been making easy to use Baybus kits for quite sometime now. While some Baybuses can be much more complex than other, PC Mods seems to have taken the easy route by making a fairly simple four fan Baybus. The kit come with everything you need to surgically graft the unit into one of your free 5 " drive bays.


What's included?

  • Baybus PCB unit
  • 5 " plexiglas template
  • Molex Y power connector
  • Instruction pamphlet


Instead of supplying a ready made 5 " drive that you can just slide into any old PC, PC mod decided to leave the dirty work up to you. The kit includes a piece of Plexiglas that acts as a template to place over one of your existing 5 " drive covers. Simply drill decent sized holes according to the template and you should be good-to-go.

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