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ALPHA P7125 vs. GlobalWin FKK32 Coolers

"Overclocking to increase the lifespan of their lowly processors..."

For quite some time now the hardcore gamer/hardware enthusiasts of the world have been looking to Overclocking to increase the lifespan of their lowly processors, and get more bang for their buck. Unfortunately, Overclocking is not that easy, and usually cannot be accomplished by using the stock heatsink/fan combo that comes with most processors.

So, now you are all hyped up on overclocking you new Athlon 500, you have taken off the old stock heatsink/fan combo and are ready to go. Now comes the problem. What fan/heatsink combo do you buy? Today we are going to look at 2 solutions provided to us by coldcpu.com, the GlobalWin FKK32 and the ALPHA P7125, both of which are high-end SECC style coolers.


For those of you who are familiar with Alpha's earlier P125, this new cooler is in essence the same only with a few minor adjustments. First of all the heatsink's fins are cut a little shorter so that it has an easier time fitting into some smaller mainboards. Second, the cooler now uses a copper base plate which translates into better cooler performance overall.

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