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3DCool Monitor Cooler

"I certainly hadnít ever thought of cooling my monitor."

Today we will be reviewing the 3DCOOL.com monitor cooler. This is one part of the system that I have bet you havenít thought of cooling before. I certainly hadnít ever thought of cooling my monitor. When I first heard of this product, I thought what the heck? What good is a monitor cooler. I mean what will it do? You canít overclock the monitor or anything and it doesnít affect system performance. I forgot one thing that the monitor produces a lot of, heat. This can even affect the picture on your screen if you have a really old monitor. It can also affect the picture if your monitor is located in a section of the house which collects a lot of heat. Instead of buying a new monitor to fix the deteriorating picture on the monitor you can access a cheap alternative. Monitor cooling. Its cheap, easy to install, and quite effective. I bet most people didnít know about this or it had never crossed their mind. Never ever do you hear a website talking about supercooling a monitor to make it last longer. It wouldnít be a bad idea at all but I donít think anyoneís ever considered it before.

38CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of power!
Fan spins at 2100RPM
27dbA loudness, a whisper is 23dbA
Fits on any monitor guaranteed
Blows the heat off of your monitor
210 x 150 x 43 mm
Drops temperature by 30 degrees
Priced at $15 US

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