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"With the 3dcool.com monitor cooler the temperature dropped to around 83F."

To install this thing you shut-down the computer, as you must when installing any fan. Then I unscrewed one the plates that was a slot away from my modem. The modem is the last thing plugged into my motherboard. After that I just plugged the connector into the hdd connector(any power source will be fine though). Once I finished that I screwed the plate in that has the connector that the monitor plugs into. After that I set the monitor cooler on the hottest part of my monitor, plugged it in and booted up the computer. That is the installation. There were some instructions included but I didnít feel that any were needed. I mean no one that doesnít know anything about computers is going to try and install this fan.

At first I was going to try and drag this review out by blabbering on meaninglessly, but I decided against that. This will be one of my shorter reviews, but it will be straight and to the point. The things that I will cover in the following paragraphs are cooling effect, noise, and durability. And I will cover them in that order.

The first and one of the most important things, how well it cools. To find out how effective this cooler was I did the following. I measured the temp of the monitor with out the cooler, and then I measured it again once the cooler was on it for a few hrs. I waited a few hrs. to make sure the cooler had time to take maximum effect. Test results will not be the same with any 2 monitors and mine is by the window so the sun makes it hotter. The temperature of my monitor without the cooler was 104 degrees Fahrenheit. That was much hotter than I thought it would be. With the 3dcool.com monitor cooler the temperature dropped to around 83F. It has stayed around there for all times of the day for a few weeks. Not bad at all, a 21 degree F drop in temperature. The only thing is that it claims a 30F drop in temperature on the box. In a cool environment I think this would be possible, so they are not making any unreal claims.

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