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Interact V4 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

"[Interact] A company known for its huge line of controllers..."

Today I will be reviewing the Interact V4 Force Feedback Racing Wheel. A company known for its huge line of controllers, so we should expect something extra from it manufactures the wheel. Iím really excited to review this thing, as I have never used a wheel while playing a racing game. That has been a big bummer for me since Iím a huge fan of racing games and spend countless hours playing them relentlessly.

Installation was a snap, taking less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is snap on suction cups, screw on clamps and plug in connectors. Interact has even included extra long cords with this wheel to reduce wear and tear on them. This is also very helpful if you are attempting to plug the wheel into a far away socket. Installing the drivers from the provided CD went smoothly. Windows 98 detected the new wheel once I booted up and drivers installed smoothly from the provided CD.

Eight Programmable Buttons
Eight-way programmable digital hat switch
Gas and Brake Pedals
F1-style shifters
Supports Gameport Connections under Windows 95 and 98!
Adjustable tilt and height control
Includes InterAct Game Profiler Software

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