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FrontX Multimedia Ports

"Do you envy the front "easy access" ports found in many OEM computers?"

Do you envy the front "easy access" ports found in many OEM computers? The FrontX multimedia ports sold by hotmodpc.com are great if you'd like to relocate some of your ports from the rear to the front of the PC. Ports such as the game port, headphone jack, speaker and microphone jacks, all are popular ports to have located in the front. The FrontX makes this easy for people who don't want to buy a new motherboard or case.

The drive

The FrontX drive comes with four ports, one for headphones, speakers, microphone and a game port. These are just a few of the handy ports that come standard, and options from the FrontX website include USB ports, serial ports and whatever else they may come up with. The standard FrontX drive can be easily upgraded with these new ports by merely sliding in and out ports, much like you would with Legos, or something of the likeness.



The FrontX drive is made to install in a 5- inch drive bay. The extension cables run through your PC (potentially cutting airflow and workspace), to the back where the ports are located. If you want this done right, you really should try and run the cables along the top of your case if at all possible, this will prevent air circulation problems that might crop up.

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