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"As hard as it may be to believe, Daikatana is finally here!"

On any ordinary morning, if the postman were to arrive with a package at 6am and ring the bell, we'd likely duck our heads under the covers and use the pillows as extra soundproofing. However this wasn't to be any ordinary day, as I would soon find out, and for some reason I had the strange urge to get up. Looking not too dissimilar to a drunk and homeless man after an all night binge, I made it to the top of the stairs before relatively falling the last 30 steps.

Extracting my face from the carpet and lifting myself up using all the strength I had, I was able to slouch in the direction of the door and unlock it. A somewhat thin and rather neurotic postman presented me with a parcel before departing back the way he came. In typical Speedy3D style the packaging was immediately ravished to reveal our review copy of 'Daikatana' from Eidos, upon which I immediately fainted...

What? A review of Daikatana? Aaahaha yeah right!

As hard as it may be to believe, Daikatana is finally here! After some four years of waiting we can finally find out if the finished product is all the master 'John Romero' proclaimed it to be, or just a big pile of pish. So far, most people who have based their initial impressions off demos and press code have gone for the latter. In an effort to be fair, Speedy3D avoided playing and reviewing any of the demos and decided to wait for the final product, so here it is.

Based off of the popularly enhanced Quake2 engine code (Sin, Half-Life and SOF etc.), Daikatana is a game about a long lost sword and your quest through time to save it and stop the evils behind. There are four time periods, two of which are future and the other two encompass the likes of ancient Greece and medieval times. Each episode houses some five or six levels in which there are puzzles to solve and keys to find, such is the basic essence of the gameplay.

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