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Global WIN VES20 and Bay cooler II

"In the past year there have been a ton of computer cooling companies popping up all over the web"

In the past year there have been a ton of computer cooling companies popping up all over the web. Most offer the same products as their competitors only of varying quality and different price tags. The Cooler Guys is yet another computer cooling company offering basically the same type of cooling products (Hard drive coolers, cpu coolers, and may more), but how are they compared to other cooling companies? Let's find out.

After contacting the cooler guys, and getting one of the speediest (pun intended) reply's ever from a company, they sent over 3 of their cooling products. Within 2 days the products were on my doorstep ready for review. The cooler guys sent me their p3 cooler (Global Win VES20) , their video card cooler (the Global Win FA420), and one of their hard drive coolers the bay cooler II. Keep in mind that the cooler guys do not make these products themselves, rather they buy their cooling products from various manufacturers like Global WIN and for their HD cooler(s) they buy them from Inclose (the bay cooler, and the bay cooler II).

Since the FA420 cooler by global win has already been reviewed here. I will skip over that, and go straight to the P3 cooler, the Global WIN VES20. This cooler is a dual fan combo mounted on a Anodized Aluminum Alloy 6063 type heat-sink. The specs are, 136.7mm x 46.7mm x 21.5mm with a Molex 3 pin type power connector. The 2 fans are both rated at 12v's each, and spin at speeds up to 5000 RPM. Their noise level is a mere 30.5 dba, great if you have multiple fans in your computer, and don't want to add any extra noise. You get all this at a great price of only $13! Other companies I have seen, and have reviewed coolers for charge any where from $15 - $60 just for a CPU cooler, so the cooler guys price theirs very aggressively. On top of that they slap on a Lifetime warranty, so if anything should go wrong, you ship it back to them, and they will give you a new one.


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