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"How does it perform? Not to bad I might say"

How does it perform? Not to bad I might say. While having only 2 fans (unlike the 4 seen on 3dfx cool's CPU cooler, it still managed to cool quite well. Lowering the CPU's temperature about 5-10 degrees on average (compared to the standard cooler). I had a better chance of successfully over clocking without crashes. One notable problem is that the cooler came with NO instructions. This is the problem I have with most cooling products today. Although, installation of this CPU cooler was not all that hard, there were no written instructions included with the cooler. There was a set of instructions on the manufacture's web site, but what good do they do you if your computer is in pieces, and you are stuck?

The second product they sent me was the Bay Cooler II by Inclose. This is a cooler that can fit into any 5.25" Bay, and can cool one 3.5" Hard Drive. Very handy if your drive is a SCSI drive, they are known to become VERY hot during use. The Bay Cooler II's specs are as follows: Comes standard with THREE cooling fans! Sturdy, all-metal construction. Comes pre-assembled, Built-in easy to clean filter to capture incoming dust. Comes with a 1-year warranty. All priced at only $29.99!

The Bay cooler that I received came in black. The cooler guys ship both black and matte gray. The installation of the Bay Cooler II was very simple, thanks to the printed instructions on the box. Halleluiah! Finally, a cooling product that comes with instructions! I can't stress enough how badly installation instructions are needed in cooling products. One small problem I did discover however was that the Bay Cooler II was about 1/2 - 1cm higher then it should have been, making it a very tight fit into the slot. Aside from that the Bay Cooler II was quite, helped cool my HD about 5 degrees extending its lifespan.

Overall the Cooler Guys' is a great company selling great products. Not only do they have EXTREMELY fast support/help, but they sell all of their products at great prices. That and the fact that I encountered very few problems with the cooler is why I am giving them an overall of 9.0. Well done!

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 9.6 Performance - 8.8 Overall - 9.0

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