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Carmageddon: TDR 2000

"...the game in question is none other than the 3ard incarnation of Carmageddon..."

Bah! Yet another sequel! I am getting tired of this, but nonetheless the game in question is none other than the 3ard incarnation of Carmageddon, which started back in 1996 when a small, and relatively unknown British company called Stainless Software released Carmageddon, and aroused much public outrage (which helped it to sell by the bucket loads). Carmageddon was a game where players would race Mad Max style over large free roaming areas, bashing other AI controller racers, running over pedestrians and generally being a menace to our god fearing society.


Carmageddon: TDR 2000 as it is now known, was developed by Australian newbies Torus games, which actually worried me a bit (yes am a Carmageddon fan), Stainless Software started this thing and they should have made the 3rd game, but it was sadly passed down to the Australians by publisher SCI. The basic storyline and plot have not changed a bit, though Torus has tried hard to try and veer Carmageddon to newer pastures to keep it fresh by adding missions instead of random Destruction Derby type races (which I quite enjoyed really), but it succeeded as much as Vanilla Ice trying to make a come back.

The missions feel stupid and lack any real substance. For example, in one of these so called "missions" the player has to kill a shark so that a bomb can be freed from the beast's stomach and then used to escape a specified area, hmm Torus trying to relate to the dangerous sharks of the Australian oceans? Which, by the way, eat absolutely anything (including, old world war 2 munitions)? Yes, no offence to the Australians but the amount of pointless and daft humour in the game is just too much for us to bear, it might be funny to you guys but we are already past adolescent stage (Thank god they did not include anything about the Olympics or somebody might have gotten hurt).

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