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The Card Cooler XT

"Pictures show no justice to the size of the Card Cooler XT, as it is enormous."

With all of the new cooling solutions emerging on the market, it's hard to find a product that sets itself apart from the rest. With products ranging from simple 60mm fans to elaborate water-cooling setups, it seams every new product is nothing more than the previous with slight variations.

TheCardcooler.com has been well recognized for its effective and well-priced cardinal product, "The Original Card Cooler". Proving that they do not follow trends, but create them, they have released a new design of Card Cooler dubbed the "XT". This new product mimics its daughter product by cooling your important cards, but ventures a step beyond by cooling heat the prone CPU, Chipset, and RAM.


Pictures show no justice to the size of the Card Cooler XT, as it is enormous. Sporting two 120mm fans stacked one on top of the other; even some mid-tower cases lack the room to mount this monster. Due to the immense size of the fans, each one is rated at 2400rpm, together propelling a solid 138cfm. Even with the size, these fans are remarkably quite. Only giving off 35.5 d/b per fan, significantly quieter than some 60mm fans on the market.

Above you can see the top fan blowing air onto the cooler, chipset, and ram.

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