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"As most normal case fans run very loud, the card cooler runs as quiet a lamb."

As most normal case fans run very loud, the card cooler is runs quiet as a lamb. The 2 sleeve ball baring fans are some of the quietist fans I have ever heard, especially compared to my other 4 case fans! In fact, it runs so quit that after my first instillation I actually had to go back in the case to make sure it was actually working.

The cooling power of these 2 fans is enormous. On average it lowered my whole case's temperature about 10 degrees and even more when I had the case's cover off entirely. Surely having this in your case makes overclocking much, much more tempting. One problem I did have with the card was that it did get caught up with my sound blaster Live!'s digital cord used to connect it to the cd-rom. Other then that, the card cooler is a great addition to any gamers' pc, especially since it only cost $20! I give the card cooler my highest recommendation, to help aid in the quest for cooler running computers.

by Ryan Wissman

Price - 9.5 Performance - 9.0 Overall - 9.2

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