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BayCooler From InClose Design

"InClose Design was founded in 1995 and its headquarters are located in Campbel..."

InClose Design was founded in 1995 and its headquarters are located in Campbell, California. Given that business has been so good, they now have an office in the U.K, and are opening a warehouse in the Netherlands. They manufacture a full range of "case products" that include ATX Full and Mid-Tower Cases, Hard Drive Coolers, External Cases (for scorching drives), Hard Drive Adapters, and Removable Storage Racks.

"InClose Design, Inc. 's commitment to our customers is to maintain a high quality production process and keep them at the cutting edge of technology. Since we are a manufacturer, the customer's bottom line savings can be tremendous." - Company Statement


Description / Specifications
For use in 5.25" computer bays or 5.25" bay SCSI external units
Extends hard drive life and reliability
Dual hi-efficiency ultra quiet cooling fans
Long life ball bearing fans
EMI shielding
Easy access air filter
3.5" hardware mounting kit included2 - 40 mm Fans

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