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"For the past 150 years mankind has been trying to recreate 3 dimensional images form a 2 dimensional ones."

For the past 150 years mankind has been trying to recreate 3 dimensional images from 2 dimensional ones. Although, in 1850 it was very primitive compared to today's methods. Maybe you remember the earlier 3d style glasses? You know, the kind where one eye had a blue piece of plastic, and the other one a red piece. When you looked at an image with those same 2 colors arranged in a certain way, it would appear as though it was 3d. Maybe you even remember the few movies they did in 3d? Anyway, Elsa has created a pair of 3d glasses not to different from the ones I described above, this time for the computer. Let's take a look at how these glasses faired under my testing.

The 3D REVELATOR from Elsa is yet another fetal attempt to recreate a true 3d image from a 2 dimensional one (personally I don't think we will ever be able to do it accurately). We should Spend time on inventing holographic games! Elsa offers 2 versions of it's 3D REVELATOR glasses. 1 is the standard version that attaches to your Elsa video card via a standard cable, and another the connects via an infrared receiver. The particular version I reviewed was the cable version that sells for $49.99 as opposed to the infrared version that sells for $79.99. Both versions are only compatible with Elsa brand video cards, and will not work with any other brand cards. I did however attempt to run it with an itergraph video card, and a creative card, both attempts were unsuccessful.

The Elsa 3D Relevator glasses support a number of features, most similar to the metabyte 3d glasses. Here is a run down of the 3D REVELATOR's features:

-No decrease of the vertical resolution
-Dyna-Z for dynamic adjustment of the impression of depth to the given scene. Several options with a depth histogram.
-Wider shutter LCD's
-Works with most Direct 3D games.
-Awesome 3D screenshot generator.
-You can connect up to 4 3D glasses simultaneously.
-Pretty good price, only $50

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