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"The 3D REVELATOR glasses work in Direct 3D games only."

The 3D REVELATOR glasses work in Direct 3D games only. While most of today's games support direct 3d, a few do not which means you cannot use the glasses in those few games. For example, the quake series don't do direct 3d, which would be an awesome game to play with these glasses! Hopefully Elsa will fix that in some future driver update, enabling the glasses to be used in not only direct 3d but openGL games also.

While the 3D REVELATOR glasses do offer decent 3d imaging to a game, they do not really offer much else. Built using cheap feeling plastic, the glasses seemed like they would be very easy to break. On top of that the non infrared version's wire connectors were thin, and probably easy to puncture, and break. Also, the LCD shutters were not attached to the frame too well, which makes them easy to punch out of their sockets.

Installation of the glasses went flawlessly (thank god!). I simply attached the suplied cable to the video card's video out cord, then reattached the monitor and the glasses to the plug. Next I simply loaded in the drivers, and they were ready for use.

The drivers were some of the best and easiest to use drivers I have ever seen. You can set game profiles to work with the 3D REVELATOR glasses, and you can enable, and disable the device by simply un-checking a box, and rebooting your computer. Another nice thing is that, during a direct 3d game you can either enable, or disable the glasses on the fly all with only click of a button, one of the main strong points of the glasses. Here is a snapshot of the drivers display below.

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