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"Perhaps Evil Monkeys finally made a game about eating bananas and annoying poor on-line reporters like myself?"

After sliding my leg slowly out of bed while simultaneously brushing the Evil Monkeys from my hair, I began my usual early morning choirs. Get up, make the bed, get some food and nip down to the office for a quick early morning frag fest before getting back to work. It’s day’s like these where you can get sick of routine and long for a different experience, looking to my computer screen news of a game known as WarMonkeys flows smoothly past my eyes. Perhaps Evil Monkeys finally made a game about eating bananas and annoying poor on-line reporters like myself? No actually NOT. As I gaze into the everglades of information and centre my mouse silently over the Link, a swift depress on the left Mouse button and bing! More WarMonkeys than you could wish for.

Is it really a Monkey related simulation?
WarMonkeys is sadly not a game like SimLife or SimCity which revolves around the simulated life of monkeys =), surprisingly it’s quite the opposite. The name does however have a certain ring, a ring that tells me the developers were on some hard drugs when they thought up the name, but a ring no less. Ignore the Monkeys and what do you have? A much happier on-line reporter? Nope, or a game revolving around War? Yes! WarMonkeys (WM) is yet another real time tactical/strategy game set in a full 3d environment. WM I somewhere between the strategic bliss of Warzone 2100 and the action of Machines, but quite where it fits yet is not exactly clear. From the screenshots it seems like a more toned down version of Hostile Waters with rather bland (Machines like) landscapes but lots of smoky and particle infested explosions.

The battle takes place with up to 200 individual units all being split between 3 opposing forces. Could be a real ‘Total Annihilation’ beater with just that. You also get battlefields, which are on a scale of 10 square kilometres, much like those seen in the more respectable warmongers pickup, ‘Wargasm’. Very much like other recent RTS’s, Silicon Dreams have opted to add a 3rd Person view to all the units and hope that this will be of far greater use than the poor excuse for 3rd Person found in ‘Machines’. If they do get the 3rd Person view right, it may also be possible to have some units with sniper abilities, this would really add to the game (on-line play specifically). WM also houses 40 different unit types including Infantry, Mechanised units and Alien creatures.

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