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"I can’t help wondering whether or not WM will be another more advanced but just as cheesy ‘Machines’."

Sounds interesting, haven’t we seen it all before though?
WM is primarily a single player game; it houses an earth shattering 60! Count them 60! Single player levels and 8 Multiplayer ones. All are vast terrains being calculated in real time, including fog effects, particle explosions, smooth smoke trails, real time lighting and if your lucky enough to have a G400 (Matrox where’s mine?) then Environmental Bump Mapping too. As an addition to that, with a G400 it also supports Duel Monitors, basically meaning you can watch from two different viewpoints at the same time. Ideal if you want to call up a tactical satellite map and play the game as well, this is what real time games are all about! WM is now quite well into development and release times are hinted towards Q4-99 but you never know if somehow it’ll creep into 2000 without us knowing it.


I can’t help wondering whether or not WM will be another more advanced but just as cheesy ‘Machines’ / ‘Warzone2100’ clone or a totally original take on the action/strategy universe. With the likes of Hostile Waters coming up around the same time, it’s sure to have a tough fight ahead of it, hopefully when it arrives it will prove to us just how good it really is. Until then, the game looks smooth, sexy, playable and has a lot of unusual yet useable and unique features to it that we look forward to reviewing.

Developer - Silicon Dreams
Publisher   - TBA
Website     - http://www.sdreams.co.uk/warmonkeys/index.htm
Release Date - Q4-99

by Mark Jackson

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