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Tiberian sun

"In Tiberian Sun you can blow up just about everything in the game."

Westwood studios has long needed a great ending to the great games of Command and Conquer. And now it is here: Command and Conquer 2:Tiberian Sun. Tiberian Sun will probably be released around June or July of 1999. Whenever it will be released it will definitely be a big hit.

The game starts out on Antarctica for the NOD forces. The GDI has had to retreat to Antarctica after the NOD and Kane took over the entire world except for Antarctica. The NOD's first mission is to disable a Super Ion Cannon that the GDI was using to slow the NOD's forces advance. The GDI has gotten a hold a time traveling mechanism and are hoping to send a man back in time to erase NOD once and for all.

Tiberian Sun will be much more realistic with many new features. For example grenades or other devices that are thrown they will bounce on the ground depending on what kind of terrain it is. Also rivers will freeze as the game progresses and units themselves will gain experience each time they go into battle. The environment will also change too. Ion storms occur often which bring down huge bolts of lightning destroying units and disabling buildings. Meteor storms will bring down a shower of meteors that can be very destructive. In Tiberian Sun you can blow up just about everything in the game. When you hit trees forest fires start that can spread very rapidly. These fires can be used strategicly or can be harmful to you. While traveling over land your units must be aware because wildlife will sometimes attack them.

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