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In Time For Christmas?

"Purported to all be revolutionary games that will change the face of gaming as we know it; Black & White, Team Fortress 2 and Halo..."

Purported to all be revolutionary games that will change the face of gaming as we know it; Black & White, Team Fortress 2 and Halo should be a gamers dream trio when they are released. But what effect will they have on the state of the games industry, and will we be seeing more and more developers switching to console games development such as recent developer, Lionhead headed by Peter Molyneux?

The Sweet Smell Of Success

Each of the "Big Three" is nearing completion, have all suffered their setbacks and have received much publicity from the gaming press. All offer originality and promise a unique gaming experience. Rumours are flying around the internet, passing from forum to forum, chat channel to chat channel, bringing up interesting and exciting news as well as utter tosh.

It is no surprise to find that everyone is getting very excited in the run up to November. Black & White appears to be gaining more praise than Half-Life when declared "Game Of The Year" by about every first-person gaming website known to man. Team Fortress 2 has had those on the mod scene and in clans raving on about it more than the protestors have been about the petrol crisis, whilst Halo has been making the game industries collective jaw drop with each new screenshot and movie trailer released. What you are about to read is detailed look into the three games and predicted effects on the gaming industry.

Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood Of Arms

Valve realised the potential the original Team Fortress had for Quake and snapped up the TF mod team and paid them to create a top-notch add-on for their first ever game, Half-Life. Team Fortress Classic (now Team Fortress 1.5 due to updates) proved extremely popular with the online community and has only been surpassed in popularity by Counter-Strike recently.

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