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"Who would have ever thought there would be a hang gliding simulation game?"

Who would have ever thought there would be a hang gliding simulation game? I think I've seen everything now. Well, Wilco Publishing is coming out with its new game called Hangsim. Wilco calls it "The first light-flight aviation simulator." The game gives you a true to life flight that shows you dynamic views of both the terrain and sky. The key word in Hansim is graphics. The graphics are so incredible in Hangsim you might actually think your really there... but then you suddenly realize your not hundreds of feet up in the air, because were all computer nerds that sit at the computer and imagine how great it would be to do things like that. Anyway my point it that the graphics are great. You can take off with Hangsim this October.

You have many choices of what type of glider you can fly. One of the options is the two hang glider mode. The Hang Glider in this option has double surfaced wings for a good gliding performance. It also has an engine to help you lift quickly and do other useful things. Another option is double Para glider mode. A Para glider is like a big parachute that you use to fly with. The Para gliders in Hangsim are easy to handle and is equipped with an engine to help novice players. Yet another way to go is the sailplane mode. The sale plane is basically a plane without an engine. The plane is lifted up by the wind, so it requires no engine. Your last option is the micro light. The micro light is like a stick plane with an open cockpit. The wings and the rudder catch the wind to lift it up.

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