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Delta Force: Land Warrior

"Normally I'd start a preview like this with some dramatic introduction based on real life warfare..."

Normally I'd start a preview like this with some dramatic introduction based on real life warfare, however this is a preview for the third in a series of games and as such I'm all out of introductions =). Still Novalogic are prized developers when it comes to the creation of games based on real world warfare and making them actually fun to play.

Delta Force 3, otherwise known as Land Warrior is the third in a serious of squad based combat sims by the developer. Admittedly previous DF titles have suffered from poor sales, underrated reviews and pixelated graphics, however Novalogic intends to change all that with the third incarnation - DF:Land Warrior.

Sir' Yes' Sir Capt'in Speedy 3D

Ask yourself the question, why would a developer put so much effort into churning out sequels for a game that has had such poor sales and similar reviews? Simple, because if nothing else, the Delta Force series has always shown great potential for what it portrays, yet never the ability to use it.

The previous two games had the elements they needed in order to achieve success, yet the problems came from several areas. A very limited and un-connected story line, extremely slow and pixeled voxel graphics engine and repetitive play styles. DFLW expects to change all that.

Delta Force itself is a FPP (First Person Perspective) military squad based combat game where you take a team and follow your objectives. Including game modes of anything from hostage rescue and capturing essential documents to blowing everything up that moves.

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