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Delta Force 2

"This made it very popular and now we see a sequel, one which judging by early versions has already remedied the
shortcomings of the past"

If there is one thing that games have been capitalising on in the last year it would be realism. The use of real world locations or at least locations modelled on similar landscapes and buildings in real life. Games like Kingpin, Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six and Action Half-Life to name but a few have all done it. The reason is because it adds depth and gives the player a much more difficult and important role in the game he or she plays, capitalising on the use of familiar style locations to further deepen the interaction. Delta Force (DF) was the first game to follow the SpecOps (SO) mould but do it a little differently. Not only where the graphics near completely different but the gameplay was radical in the methods it had combined with that of its engine (Voxel Space3(16Bit)). DF remained a game with limited objectives, landscapes and for that matter, graphical effects. You would essentially trundle across vast landscapes eliminating patrols silently so as to not alert anybody before reaching your objective.

Objectives would usually be along the lines of capturing somebody, killing everybody or eliminating communications equipment. Sadly the fundamental play style kept the game from being more than it was, essentially every mission was just a 'kill em all' one way or another and without differing locations it began to wear very thin. Thankfully DF remained strong in the way you played the game itself, snipers, knife kills and long range assaults kept it innovative and fun with you yourself actually making the game enjoyable and not it you. This made it very popular and now we see a sequel, one which judging by early versions has already remedied the shortcomings of the past.

No monkey business

This time around NovaLogic (NL) have added 32Bit rendering and texturing (not really textures though, Voxels) to the engine. Not only that but fog, rain, grass, snow, more trees, variety in landscape design and environments as well as new play styles. Basically the old Delta Force is there but now you have a much-improved engine, which puts some polygon systems to shame and many different locations with accompanying effects to add depth. You also carry out missions differently and the missions themselves can be very different, this is mainly due to the structure of the mission objectives, which now have great depth.

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