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"Not forgetting that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has had a huge boost in DF2

For example it is not uncommon for you to start off parachuting down to earth or get dropped in a field by helicopters that whirl up the grass around you (not literally). Picking up weapons is now also possible and you even have a field surveillance camera, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Falling from buildings results in damage and if you try to swim under water then you won't last long without a re-breather like real Navy Seals use on long missions. As such some missions see you swimming a lot at the start and possibly even taking out guard boats by planting charges on their hulls. On the whole there is also a story line to be followed, but this remains a little sketchy so we will have to wait for the final release to know just what it's all about.

Not forgetting that AI (Artificial Intelligence) has had a huge boost in DF2, no longer will enemies just sit there while you plough round after round into their lower or upper bodies. Instead they can now use cover and concealment to do as you do and stealthily sneak right up before pouncing on you unaware. They are also faster at reacting in general and so unlike in DF, the last thing you want to do is let them alert each other to your presence and so instantly stealth plays a much more constant role in DF2. Thankfully your team is just as clever and with improved team AI you should find they give you cover much more realistically and move in ways that are similar to your own. Just make sure you look after them as much as they you or the missions could end up being very short indeed.

So with over 40 missions spanning different geographic regions with accompanying weather effects and far to many new weapons and items to mention, DF2 looks set to help us all become junior commandos. Not to mention you can now climb ladders and movements like back flips and side jumps now exist to help you evade incoming fire. With included 3D Acceleration for polygon objects and even more features than mentioned above, DF2 is likely to completely redefine this genre and all we can say is WOW!

Developer - NovaLogic
Publisher - Forgotten =)
Website - http://www.novalogic.com
Release Date - Q4-99 / Q1-2000
Fan Site - http://www.deltaforce2.net (Kick ass for DF2 details)

by Mark Jackson

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