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"I was quite surprised to find that there is actually some reason for you being the commander of the Enterprise..."

I was quite surprised to find that there is actually some reason for you being the commander of the Enterprise (your previous captain is killed or taken off, revealed at the start of the game), a lot of other games usually just pit you as "Alpha 1" or similar, so to find yourself gaining the upper rank through remotely logical means is a refreshing change. Whether or not you play the role of First-Mate Commander Ryker has not been revealed but you will be able to interact with the likes of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Commander Data.

The actual graphics engine is brand new from Totally Games and renders craft with incredible accuracy. Battles certainly will not be yawn inducing; tactical manoeuvres, weapon balancing and targeting all have their part to play but perhaps just as importantly, you are rewarded with pleasing images with the untimely end of your foe.


Shields At 60%

It has not been revealed yet but hopefully we will be able to hear classic lines and well known phrases aboard the Enterprise on her many voyages. Those of you who recall the battle in Star Trek: Insurrection with Ryker in command of the Enterprise you'll know what I mean (I have refrained from being too anal for the "Trekkyphobes"), the crew say "shields at 60%" about three times.

When in battle the bridge will become hectic, but ultimately under control and have all the atmosphere of the best battles from the Star Trek television series and movies, consoles will explode, mysterious smoke will start emanating from pipes running under panels; but seeing the routine of everyone on board lurching backwards, putting a foot back to stabilise themselves when the ship gets hit that we are all accustomed to whether you have watched the original series or the new series of Voyager, will complete the whole Star Trek feel when playing.

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