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Amen: the awakening

"Sure, it sounds like another big dumb shoot em' up game."

Amen: The Awakening. Sure, it sounds like another big dumb shoot em' up game. But let me tell you something, it's not. Cavedog Entertainment (the makers of TA, and TA:kingdoms) has something up their sleeve that will propel this game to a spot among the best first person shooters of all time. Amen has a great story line, awesome graphics, a realistic environment, and very unique characters with their own special background. Anybody remember Jedi Knight?

The story goes like this: On Christmas Eve 2032, all hell breaks loose. Something 'awakens' in one-third of Earth’s population. These 'awakened' people go insane and are called the Afflicted, killing everyone who is not infected with this strange unknown virus. In Western Europe, the European Resistance Organization, forms a ‘safe zone’ were people who are not effected can live in peace. In North America, the land is run over with the Afflicted. They are in dire need of help, so you Bishop Six, a grim agent is sent over to North America were you will fight against the evil Afflicted


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