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"The graphics in Amen are among some of the best I have ever seen."

The graphics in Amen are among some of the best I have ever seen! You will need a 3d card, similar to a Voodoo II chip card to play the game though. This seems to be the trend lately, most new games are moving to 3d-only, and ditching the software rendering. You also will be able to play multiplayer on the Internet, LAN or direct connections. The environment in Amen will be very realistic. The developers working on Amen are designing airports, military bases and other things almost exactly to scale. When you play the game you will feel like your really there. You can do almost anything in the game. For example, say your cornered by two Afflicted and have no weapons at all. What do you do? You smash the window next to you and pick up a shard of glass and use it as a knife.


The games weapons are pretty much standard from what everybody else has done in a FPS. Rifles, grenades, rocket launchers etc.. Amen does not have levels, but acts. These acts are much to big to be called levels. There are 12 acts all together in Amen. These acts slide together by the grand story line of Amen.

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