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"Hostile Waters and OffRoad share the same engine, these games are both developed from our Birmingham office."

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Ques1) Sorry to keep asking you this but we must have short memories =], who are you and what do you do at Rage?

Martin: I'm the PR executive at Rage. In simple terms it means I'm a source of information for all the computer press and anyone else who wishes to know about Rage. Although I do a lot more than just that, honest boss.

Ques2) Some people have asked us why Rage has several different departments around the UK, wouldn't it be simpler to have them all based in one location?

Martin: Well all parts of the country contain development talent and it's a lot more appealing to potential employees if they can stay in the city where they live or live by. The recent employees in our new Sheffield office prove this point.

Ques3) Are ideas for the other departments shared or are all the engines for various titles completely unique?

Martin: Hostile Waters and OffRoad share the same engine, these games are both developed from our Birmingham office. It's something we will look to do more as it will cut development times. However this can only be done if the engine is right for a new product. All our other products have individual game engines.

Ques4) Tell us if you can =), do all the people and departments get along or are there those known for blowing their tops? Hehe go on you can tell us, it'll just be between you and the 100,000 thousand odd who will read this.

Martin: To be honest, and I know it's boring but there is always a great buzz around all the Rage offices. There is a lot of interaction between the sites to progress different ideas. Of course as deadlines approach and the pressure is on tempers are occasionally tested, but nothing for you and your readers to worry about!

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