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3dfx Napalm leaked specs

"E-mail I received regarding 3dfx's next gen product, I was right on with my hopes."

A few days ago, we had posted an article regarding what we all "hoped" 3dfx's next product would be like. Yesterday I had received this e-mail regarding my article and those "hoped" specs. It seemed they had turned out to be mostly correct. Read the e-mail I received below. Also, if you did not read the article on the "hoped" specs, you can read it here.

"I have several friends at 3dfx working on it, and it's called Napalm, not V4 :)

It'll be 64 megs, and the texture size only goes up to 1024x, not 2048. Not sure why they didn't make it higher, to be honest.

Pretty much everything else in your article is right on the money. BTW, it will be blazingly fast. I asked and there is no decision on SLI. If they do SLI, though, it will probably not be done with an external pass-thru cable. Now that they manufacture them directly and have more control of these hardware issues, they will avoid the external cable as it degrades signal quality.

Personally, one of the programmers and I doubt a "V4" SLI will come out. The reason being is that AGP will be a factor in this board, not the just available so you can save a PCI slot as in the current architecture. This card will be CPU-limited, doubtful that it will be fillrate limited. Whether it does a high res or a low res, it will probably not matter."

Name protected due to fear of life :)

Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for anything regarding this e-mail or any leaked specs, nor am I responsible for any damages that may occur. I did not get any official information from 3dfx themselves. This is not official, but seems to be fairly accurate as leaked specs go.

by Ryan Wissman

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