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3dfx Voodoo4 Hopes

"What could re-crown 3dfx as the pixel processor king?"

Ever since the voodoo3's announcement at comex 98' there has been a lot of controversy over its lack of next generation features (primarily 32bit color). Although at the time (November 98) the voodoo3's proposed clock speed was set at a whopping 183 MHz - extremely fast. We still have yet to see that clock speed, in the form of the v3 3500. But, Nobody ever expected to get anywhere near that type of speed in a single processor, nobody ever expected the TNT2 to get up to 175 MHz (in the hercules card). Now, after the release of the voodoo3 3000 and 2000 a few months ago, we are all wondering what is next? What could re-crown 3dfx as the pixel processor king? The fact is that 3dfx NEEDS something better, not just faster then the current line of voodoo3's, and to keep up with growing competition it needs it fast.

With a house hold name like 3dfx (some people even get it confused with the name "graphics accelerator") we have all come to expect an extremely fast processor, with all the next generation features. Even though 3dfx's current voodoo 3 line is not all what we expected (more like a banshee2), 3dfx still has a chance to redeem it self with an awesome next-generation video card. To become the king again there are certain features that 3dfx must incorporate into there next card, the voodoo4? Hopefully 3dfx will be able to absolutely knock the socks off their competition, just like we all remember (voodoo1, voodoo2). In the next few pages I will try to explain all of the next generation features that 3dfx's next chip will have.

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