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"You say that reborn Will have a cinematic feel to it, will it have scripted sequences just like we saw in Half-life?"

RW: You say that reborn Will have a cinematic feel to it, will it have scripted sequences just like we saw in Half-life?

ML: Sure. A lot of the storytelling rely on the scripted sequences. We want to tell a story, to create a framework for the action parts in the game. This I believe, will enhance the cinematic feel.

RW: The environments look fantastic. Are you using an all new 3d engine, or it is a licensed version of another?

ML: We’ve licensed the engine from Geometric Computing. The feature we fell for was the ability of rendering both indoor- and vast outdoor environments. This was exactly what we needed for our game. It would take too long time for us to develop our own engine and since we’re only 2 persons working on the project at the moment, we needed to go this way. Still, there’s much programming for us to do anyway since we’re creating a game- and physics engine on top of their (Geometric Computing) 3D engine.

RW: The Quake 3 engine supports curved surfaces, will your engine?

ML: Yes, it supports curved surfaces.

RW: Is the environment interactive at all?

ML: Yes it is. It would be rather dull if not, don’t you think?

RW: Will the game mostly take place in a city, or do we travel all over the world?

ML:As explained above. You will travel through all different kinds of milieus.

RW: What about sound? Are you going to use any 3d sound (i.e. EAX or A3D)?

ML: So far we support DS3D. Later on we might start looking at A3D too. We’ve also contracted a musician and a speech recording studio to do the sound and music for us. This guy is really good. Actually he’s doing music for the film industry too

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