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"It took the initial six months to develop this engine which is a combination of 3D graphics and an airflow model."

KP: What engine did you build Hangsim on?

LP: Hangsim's engine was built from scratch and was specially tailored for the needs of the title . Hangsim needs simulate low and slow flight over photo-realistic terrain and simulate the currents or air upon it. No other flight simulator on the market today deals with this capability since these effects and this type of graphic quality is not needed for heavier flying aircraft’s. Thus it was clear that a special engine would have to be developed to handle these issues.

KP: If you developed your own, how long was it in development and will any other company be using it?

LP: It took the initial six months to develop this engine which is a combination of 3D graphics and an airflow model. At the end of this period the first version of the program was built using this engine and it was clear that the idea would be a success.

KP: What audience does Hangsim hope to attract?

LP: Hangsim is a new type of flight simulator. It is meant to be as close as possible to the feeling of free flight. Since other flight simulators tend to show very fast or very heavy aircraft??, this feeling of free flight is not common on a PC. We hope that everyone, people of all ages and backgrounds, will have the desire to experience Hangsim.

LP: For those who have experienced flight in a light plane or a glider - it will be clear from the start that this is an essential title to add to their collection, and for the those who dream of flying without circumnavigating the globe or fighting half the Russian military in the process - it will be undoubtedly the right choice.

KP: How many gliders will be in the final game?

LP: There are currently eight gliders in the program, but due to the format of the program. files are totally open and documented so it will be a very easy task for users to create new ones.

KP: How many game modes will be in the final game?

LP: There will be four modes:
Free flight: Just flying around and learning the basics
Challenge: You are dared to achieve certain goals
Competition You compete against other intelligent gliders and can then get points that can be recorded into your logbook Just for
Fun: When you just want to try to shoot at your opponents

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