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"I have been in the graphics card industry for 9 years and it has always been this way."

Q4: With all the recent competition in the 3d graphics accelerator business, S3, Martox, Nvidia, ATI,and Permedia, all releasing new products every 6 months, do you think the average gamer has too many chooses? Do you think the industry is moving to quickly for anybody to keep up with?

I have been in the graphics card industry for 9 years and it has always been this way. This is not new. The web just makes it more visible.

Choices create competition and competition benefits the consumer. That said, at some point you have to put a stake in the ground and break down and buy something. There is always something new coming around the corner. If a new card does not offer a whole lot of improvement in performance and has features that really won’t benefit consumers until software supports it in 6 or 9 months (when the card is obsolete), maybe you skip that generation. Another card that has a big gain in performance and an immediately useable feature like full scene AA will be right around the corner. (Blatant self promotion)

The consolidation that has been promised in graphics has started. First STB and 3dfx, then S3 and Diamond.

Q5: What do you think of AMD’s new Athlon processor?

Competition is good. So is the performance of the Athlon.

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