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FSAA - Is it worth it?

"FSAA, otherwise known as 'Full Scene AntiAliasing', is a technological extension in graphics..."

*Update* - 21/06/2000

Here's a little update for all the flame mails received to help charm your little soles of all that nasty fire inside. This article was indeed centralised on Nvidia and not 3dfx, although most of the points could still be applied to 3dfx, we felt it's technology to be superior where FSAA is concerned.

Secondly it was designed to insight a torrid and harsh response, after all it's a single person opinion and thus is not supposed to be proper journalism anyway. Do I care about people's opinions? No, why should I? I'm not one to stick to the 'political' correctness and hate a society that persecutes you for saying something different.

Remember, this was based on my own personal opinions and do NOT reflect others own experiences. FSAA is good but in short, Nvidia haven't yet made it and it'll be awhile before FSAA is worth using. After all, who on earth wants to go back to ugly 640*480 just to play a game with FSAA enabled? Not I!

Download the FullSize HL Images: Image1: Image (FSAA ON) 2
Download the FullSize Messiah Images: Image1 : Image2

All of the screenshots in this article were taken @ 32Bit in 1024*768 with individual bits chopped out for comparison, this also means NO QUALITY was lost. We used Half-Life's Counterstrike and Messiah; shots were taken off the following system with D3D FSAA only up two notches:

  • Athlon 1,000Mhz (1Ghz) CPU
  • ABIT KX-133 Based Motherboard
  • 256mb PC133 Ram
  • Guillemot Prophet GeForce2 GTS - 32mb [5.30 Detonators]

FSAA, otherwise known as 'Full Scene AntiAliasing', is a technological extension in graphics that seems to have taken the media by storm. Day in, day out we see people flouting its benefits and showing copious amounts of pictures taken as evidence to its high impact.

Maybe it's just me; maybe I'm just a blind monkey from Mongolia (they have Monkeys there right?) that happens to be the only one able to see something's amiss. People seem so wrapped up in the hype that they can't see beyond the mist of screenshots, text and video for the real truth.

What's the real truth? FSAA is nothing more than a fad; a gimmick, something by which we can be sold upon, but isn't actually that special. Before you launch your E-Mail apps, click my address and prepare for an onslaught, of which I'll surely erase =), at least hear what I have to say first. Just remember this is one mans view; it's an editorial and not designed to shake up the world as we know it.

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