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Counterstrike: Trouble Ahead

"If there's one game in 2000 that made it big then CounterStrike is its name..."

If there's one game in 2000 that made it big then CounterStrike is its name, a title with so much depth and attitude that you'd need a pneumatic hammer to separate from it. Today its author is comfortable with the fact that he's turned a community mod into a small commercial success with thousands of avid followers.

The mod proved that above all else people enjoy a contradictive realism built through a virtual gaming environment. Counterstrike is the perfect symbol for this analogy and best of all it was people like you and me who helped create it. Through its various beta stages we moaned, complained, made suggestions and then thanked the CS team for listening.

With any mod there is a following that does as described above, the only difference with CS is that they actually listened and often implemented the ideas. The problem is now the CS team have a commitment to Valve (Half Life developers) through commercialism, so will this concept cease to exist for CS?

Commercialism, Good Or Bad?

Commercialism is often referred to as the corruption of the modern world, with it comes responsibility, agreements and a whole set of new problems. However it can also have benefits, such as financial backing, profit (sometimes loss), quality testing and support.

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