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Modifying Your Case: Painting

"Before I send this case to the paint shop (my garage) there is still some metal work to be done."

Final touch before painting

Before I send this case to the paint shop (my garage) there is still some metal work to be done. First, I added a blowhole in the back of the case, just behind the CPU. The biggest fan that could fit in there was a 92mm one, so that's what I used, which was graciously supplied by Nerdsbyte. In the following picture, you can see the marks I used for it (you will see the final results at the end of this article). Read Part 1 of this article for detailed instructions on making a blowhole.

The case I used has two places to mount 80mm fans, at the top back. In my original review of this case, I complained that the holes, which were there by default, were not big enough to let the fan breathe. I simply enlarged those holes with my drill until I got them as large as I wanted. Since I use low output fans from Sunon in there (30cfm) this is enough. But if you use high output fans, you may want to cut a big hole instead and use a chrome fan guard, this would give you the best results. On the next picture you can see the before (left) and after (right) appearance.

One last thing I want to add (or should I say remove?) is a hole in the back of the case so I can fit a second power supply. This hole may be a little bit more difficult to cut due to its irregular shape, but it's still the same basic rules as doing a blowhole or window. Measure, measure, mark, cut, and pierce. All the cuts where done with a jigsaw except the diagonal edges. The jigsaw is not a good tool to cut angles like those so I used a dremel.

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